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Please Read the Following Guidelines!

1. Advert Slots are paid with 100% EVT

2. Advert banners must be professionally designed and attractive enough to be placed on the Elevation Online Store.

3. Adverts must be designed in Banners in JPEG Formats. (Different sizes carry different prices).

4. Adverts on Home page ( and Testimony Page ( of the Elevation Online Store shall attract higher Fees.

5. All adverts shall carry a monthly charge and you can pay for as many months as you want.

6. Failure to renew your advert payment after expiration will result to the removal of your banner after 1 week of free period.

7. Your advert starts counting when your payment is confirmed, any delay on your part to submit your banner and other relevant information will lead to loss of time on your part.

8. Apart from advertising on the Online Store, your banner will also be posted in our Social media channels occasionally to attract much traffic for your business.

9. Your advert must be decent and professional, not illegal products, alcoholic contents or hard drugs.

10. Your adverts must not feature or promote nudity or seduction of any kind

11. Your advert must not promote violence or stir people into terrorism

12. Your advert must be genuine with no intention to defraud or scam the public

13. Elevation Platform reserves the right to stop any advert that violates any of the stated rules without prior notice or warning

14. While we welcome various business owners to embrace our platform and advertise with us, the Elevation Platform is not liable for any harm or loss or danger your adverts present to the public, you the advertiser takes total responsibility for your contents. We completely disassociate our platform from being in partnership with business owners simply because they advertised with us. We will not fail to publicly disclaim any declaration by business owners and advertisers that they are now in any form of partnership with the Elevation Platform without our official statement to validate their claims.

Adverts Slots and Prices:

a. Portrait Banner (290 x 659 Pixels)

Front/Testimony Page: 50 EVT/Month

Other Pages (25 EVT)

b. Landscape Banner (600 x 112 Pixels)

Front/Testimony Page: 30 EVT/Month

Other Pages (15 EVT)

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