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100% TBC Shopping Details

Good News!


From September to October 2019, Elevation Online store shall offer some goods to be sold for 100% TBC.

This offer is specially for all new investors, but old investors can participate too if they reinvest. 

The 100% TBC offer goes ONLY to investors who buy EVT from 25th August till September and October.

We have categorized different products and goods according to different levels of investment and this goes as follows:

*$50 investors can shop up to N5,000 worth of goods for 100% TBC.

*$100 investors can shop up to N10,000 worth of goods for 100% TBC.

*$200 investors can shop up to N20,000 worth of goods for 100% TBC.

*$500 investors can shop up to N40,000 worth of goods for 100% TBC.

*$1,000 investors can shop up to N80,000 worth of goods for 100% TBC.

Please note that this 100% TBC shopping is not from your investment. The quantity of EVT you bought and all bonuses remain intact and will still be transferred to your wallet in full, so this 100% TBC shopping is a special offer of appreciation for investing in EVT; it's also a bid to promoting TBC.

This 100% TBC shopping is tied to each category of investment per individual and is not transferable from person to person. Also, you can only shop within the limit allowed for your investment, except you come back to top up your investment with the required amount that allows you to shop 100% TBC again and again. There is no restriction to the number of times a person can enjoy this offer as long as they keep investing again and again.

After a person has enjoyed the 100% TBC shopping for the first time depending on their investment, the next shopping will be with a combination of EVT and TBC.

The game is on now!

The offer is already running.

Grab your share now!

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